New Zadar Airport Presented

Illustration of people walking into the new Zadar airport

17th December 2019

Zadar Airport will soon undergo a major €70 million worth upgrade! Croatian architect Ante Kuzmanic designed the new concept and it was presented to the public this week! Kuzmanic’s design was selected by the Zadar Society of Architects, being the best among the competition.

The first phase of construction is set to start in 2020!

The airport will function normally without interferences during the construction and the unique base of the airport will make it easier for further development to be done after the construction is finished.


If you’re interested in viewing the design, you can visit the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar. Also, you can check out other submissions there and see why the chosen design is considered the best one. The main advantage of this design is that it offers a ‘homely feel’ because the waiting areas are designed to look like living rooms. The plants that are placed all along the waiting area make it that much more comfortable and you can easily relax while waiting for your flight. Statistics show that more than 30% of passengers wait for their flights in cafés or restaurants so they are placed directly by the waiting area. The airport surely will be one of the best airports in this part of Europe!

The airport will offer more than 1400 seats in the waiting area!

The Zadar Society of Architects president Petar Kozina, who is also the organizer of this competition said: “This is certainly one of the most challenging projects that we have worked on, because when we look at the types of content we can design for the airport, along with the fact that we are becoming a Schengen border, there are so many conditions that you have to satisfy, there are so many roads that intersect, that’s why teams of people worked on this.”

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