Opatija – The Pearl of the Adriatic

Panorama photo of Opatija

2nd January 2020

Opatija, which literally means Abbey, gets its name from an abbey Benedictine monks established there in the late Middle Ages. The abbey still stands in Saint James’s Park and is rightfully considered one of the most famous historical pieces in Croatia. Opatija was always seen as an exclusive resort for rich people and royal blood. Not solely for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous scenery, but also for its warm climate and wonderful sea-air which has many health benefits. Today too, Opatija is seen as both winter and summer destination for tourists, so it doesn’t matter when you visit, you sure will enjoy yourself!

Opatija is famous as both health resort and vacation resort!

Famous tourist attractions:

Saint James’s Church

Standing tall since 1420, this building is the reason Opatija got its name. Crazy, right? This church serves as a monument to the times the town of Opatija was established. Although, very little has been preserved of its original appearance because of renovating and expanding it throughout the years. It was also the first school in Opatija, in 19th century. Many religious orders used the building, from the Benedictines to Jesuits, and masses are still held there today, almost 600 years after it was built!

The famous Saint James's Church in Opatija (source: visitopatija.com)

The famous Saint James’s Church in Opatija (source: visitopatija.com)


Maiden with the Seagull

In 1891 count Arthur Kesselstadt lost his life in the sea during a storm. His family was devastated, and decided to put the statue to look after the lost soul of count Arthur. The statue was known as the Madonna Del Mare statue. In later years it was damaged because of various weather conditions, so to preserve it was placed in the Croatian Museum of Tourism. It was replaced in 1956 with the Maiden with the Seagull which is considered the most popular symbol of Opatija. The statue is lighted with special reflectiors at night, and sure does give mysterious vibes during stormy weather. For that reason she’s often reffered to as the Nymph.

The famous Maiden with the Seagull statue


Mount Učka

Mount Učka offers one of those breathtaking views that one doesn’t often find. Its position, close to the sea, resulted in specific climate which then offered good conditions for beautiful vegetation to grow. Filled with rare and protected plant and animal species, Učka is a place where a man can feel like one with nature. If you’re in desperate need of a hike, Učka is the best place to go. Well-tended hiking and walking trails make it that much more enjoyable, and the view from the highest peak is a reward of its own.


Lungomare is the favourite walking path for both locals and tourists. It’s official name is the Franz Joseph I Promenade, but Lungomare is the name it’s best known for. It’s the place for photographers and painters to come and make the best of their art. It offers fresh sea air, beautiful scenery, and it gives you an insight to local history because you’ll sumble upon numerous birth places of famous historical figures, their old homes, monuments and memorial plaques.

Lungomare promenade in Opatija


Walk of Fame

With inspiration drawn from the Hollywood Street of Fame, Opatija’s Walk of Fame was built in 2005. It serves as a tribute to all the people who made an impact on Croatia’s promotion in the world. Names vary from sportsmen, scientists, musicians to artists, which gives you a chance to find out more about the most popular and influential Croatians. Some of the names you might recognise are:

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Miroslav Krleža
  • Janica Kostelić
  • Oliver Dragojević
  • Dražen Petrović
  • Ivano Balić

How to get to Opatija

Opatija is 303km away from Zadar, which means it’ll take you 3 hours by car to get there! Zagreb is 174km away from Opatija, so it’ll be a 2-hour drive. The nearest airport to Opatija is International Airport Rijeka which is only 40km away or 35 minutes by car. If you want to visit Opatija, but don’t feel like renting cars or driving on unfamiliar Croatian roads, you don’t have to worry! Book Let’s Go transfer services and make your trip unforgettable!

Taxi Transfer from Zadar to Opatija

Let’s Go is a Private Transfer company from Zadar serving all major airports and cities in Croatia. By using our private transfer service your trip to Opatija will be comfortable and fun! Our car will be waiting to pick you up at the agreed location and our chauffeurs will safely get you to your destination with no hidden costs!

Zadar – Opatija Taxi Transfer:

  • Distance: 303 km
  • Travel time: 3h 11 min
  • Car ( 2-3 passengers)
  • Minivan ( up to 9 passengers)
  • Minibus (up to 18 passengers)
  • Minibus (up to 23 passengers)

Here are some of the reasons why to book taxi transfer from Zadar to Opatija:

+ Easy online booking
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