Trogir is a town small in size, but great in historic significance and beauties. Often called open museum, Trogir gives you a chance to enjoy the cultural sites while experiencing Croatian lifestyle and Adriatic Sea. Trogir is a town of monuments with numerous valuable buildings from Romanesque, Gothic and the Renaissance giving it the title of the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in central Europe, and because of this UNESCO have included it on their world heritage list.

The journey continues to Split – the biggest Dalmatian city. It is the second largest city in Croatia with a rich past and interesting present. Diocletian palace is maybe one of the best known sights – one of the best kept monuments of Roman building in the world and also included on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Real urban, busy lifestyle throws you directly into Croatian everyday life as you taste Croatian food, visit Roman architecture, enjoy Adriatic beaches and experience the Dalmatian way of living.