Pula – Gateway To Ancient History

Aerial view of the city of Pula

5th December 2019

Pula is the biggest city in Istra region of Croatia. Dating back as far as 10th century BC, you may feel like you’ve come across a portal to ancient times. Walking down the street in Pula is one-of-a-kind experience because you’ll walk by buildings that are more than 2000 years old. Listening to concerts in the Arena, a place that served for gladiator fights in the past, surely will send chills down your spine.

With population of a little less than 60 000 people, Pula is a town that will soon become your favourite destination. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy yourself on one of its gorgeous beaches, or maybe if you’re a sporty person, you can play tennis, basketball or golf on one of many courses. It offers a great variety of things to do so your vacation will be filled with events. Pula is the perfect place for your next vacation!

Walking down the streets in Pula is one-of-a-kind experience!

Famous sights in Pula

As many other cities and towns in Croatia, Pula too is filled with ancient buildings and beautiful nature. We’ll present just a couple of tourist destinations and interesting monuments, but rest assured that there are many more things to see in this beautiful city.

The Arena

It’s odd to think that 2000 years ago this magical place served as a fighting ground for gladiators. Today it’s the greatest stage in the world. Unbelieveable, right? Many world-famous musicians and performers chose Pula Arena as their stage because of the spirit it brings to every event held there. Stone walls filled with ancient history will really make you feel like you’re a part of something greater than yourself. And every note, every sound and every performance you hear or see there takes a new dimension in this mesmerizing place.

Arena Pula photographed from the side

Arena Pula is often described as the greatest stage in the world!


Pula’s Forum

Pula’s Forum served as the main gathering place two thousand years ago! You can surely say it kept its purpose today too. In the summer you can witness various cultural events there or different concerts, but you’ll get maybe the most unique experience if you’re lucky enough to visit Pula Forum when Croatian national football team is playing Euro or World Cup. As it was in the past, it still is today the core of city life.

Pula Forum on a sunny day


Temple of Augustus

Talking about the Forum and not mentioning the Temple of Augustus can be considered a sin. This majestic temple is unmissable on the Forum. It was dedicated to the first Roman emperor, Augustus, and it was probably built during his lifetime. That makes it a little more than 2000 years old! You’re also allowed to step inside, which gives you an opportunity to see ancient pieces of stonework up close!

The temple of Augustus - historical monument in Pula

The temple of Augustus is more than 2000 years old!


Arch of the Sergii

Erected by the Sergii family, serving as a symbol of the victory at Actium, the Arch of the Sergii is one of many symbols of Pula. It stands in the centre of Portarata Square, so go and check it out! You’ll notice that the western side and the eastern side are not decorated equally. The western side is filled with decorations, while the eastern side is mostly uncarved. That’s because the western side was more visible from the town than the eastern side. Because of that, the builders decorated the side that’s more visible!

Arch of the Sergii photografed in daytime


Brijuni national park

This national park is a must-see for all nature lovers! With more than 700 sorts of plants and 250 species of birds it’s got a heavenly feel to it. It’s also filled with – dinosaur footprints! More than 200 dinosaur footprints were found in Brijuni, dating to the Cretaceous Period. If you want to visit Brijuni, book your ticket and get ready to be amazed!

Animals walking freely in Brijuni national park




The best way to get to know the spirit of a place is by tasting it!

Istrian food is unique for its Italian, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian influences. Culinary traditions are passed from one generation to another and it makes it that much more special to know that the food you’re eating is not mass-produced, but that it’s tied to a family heritage and maybe just one particular restaurant. However, you can always bet that the best olive oil has been used, and that any local wine you order will be of excellent quality!

A person preparing a meal with truffles


Here are just some of the foods you should try:

  • Fritaja with wild asparagus – A meal prepared with eggs, asparagus and traditional pršut will make your taste-buds craving more!
  • Truffles – The treasure of Istria, this fungus is best felt with Istrian pasta, fish or steak!
  • Boškarin – Also served with Istrian pasta, this delicacy can be prepared as a stew, carpaccio or as a steak.
  • Risotto – Inspired by the Italian cuisine, with a bit of Istrian twist, we sure recommend you try it!

How to get to Pula

Pula is located in the Istria region of Croatia. It’s not hard to reach from Europe considering it has an airport. Also, it’s a bit less than 300km away from Zagreb, which means you’ll reach Pula in less than 4 hours by car. It’s about 500km away from Split, but if you’re driving from that direction, you’ll find Šibenik and Rijeka on the route, so the ride to Pula really pays off! Book Let’s Go services and make your trip unforgettable!

Taxi Transfer from Zadar to Pula

Let’s Go is a Private Transfer company from Zadar serving all major airports and cities in Croatia. By using our private transfer service your trip to Pula will be comfortable and fun! Our car will be waiting to pick you up at the agreed location and our chauffeurs will safely get you to your destination with no hidden costs!

Zadar – Pula Taxi Transfer:

  • Distance: 396.3 km
  • Travel time: 4h 16 min
  • Car ( 2-3 passengers)
  • Minivan ( up to 9 passengers)
  • Minibus (up to 18 passengers)
  • Minibus (up to 23 passengers)

Here are some of the reasons why to book taxi transfer from Zadar to Pula:

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