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A photo of Šibenik at dusk

14th January 2020

Šibenik is a little town in Dalmatia famous for its history and beautiful sights. It’s a famous tourist destination because of all the old and beautiful monuments and buildings dating as from far as 12th century! Also, Šibenik became famous in recent years because of the popular TV show Game of Thrones which portrayed Šibenik as the famous bank town Braavos. With population of about 35 000 people and beautiful coastline it’s safe to say that finding a private spot for your own relaxation won’t be a problem. However, if you’re there to party, a number of music festivals are held in this little town and you won’t have a problem finding party opportunities.

With population of about 35 000 people and beautiful coastline it’s safe to say that finding a private spot for your own relaxation won’t be a problem.



Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian town on the Adriatic. It was first mentioned in a document issued by King Petar Krešimir IV on Christmas in 1066, and it got the city status in 1169 by King Stjepan III. It came under the rule of Venice in 1412 and was Venetian town until 1797 and the collapse of Venice. After the collapse, Šibenik became a part of the Habsburg Monarchy. In 1921 it was given to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and 20 years later, in 1941, the formal authority of the town was taken over by the NDH (Independent State of Croatia). In Yugoslavia a number of factories were opened in the city, resulting in great economic progress. After the Croatian War of Independence in 1990s the city turned to tourism and today it is one of the most popular and attractive destinations in Croatia!

Famous attractions in Šibenik

There’s a number of attractions to be seen in Šibenik. If you’re a history buff, your time in Šibenik will be more than enjoyable considering all of the historical buildings and monuments such as the Cathedral of St. James or St. Michael’s Fortress. If you like nature and animals, you’ll surely want to visit the famous Aquarium Šibenik and the Dubrava Falconry Center. Here are some of the most famous attractions to see:

Aquarium Šibenik

Aquarium Šibenik is situated in the old city in an original Dalmatian stone house. Inside you can find 20 aquariums with numerous tropic and Adriatic fish and plants. It was build in 2013 and it serves both tourist and educational purposes for you can read details about every organism living in the aquarium. Inside the Aquarium you can also find one anti-aquarium. The anti-aquarium serves as an educational tool, it’s an aquarium filled with trash, plastic bags bottles etc. By the anti-aquarium you can find information on how long it takes for various types of waste to desintegrate in the sea. The tickets are 6€ for high schoolers adults, elementary school tickets are 5€ and the entrance is free for kids under 5 years of age!

A photo from Aquarium Sibenik

A photo from Aquarium Šibenik (source: https://www.sibenik-tourism.hr/)


The Cathedral of St. James

The Cathedral of St. James was built in 1536. It’s a one-of-a-kind Cathedral, considering it is constructed by stone only, with no other materials used. Also, it’s unique among renaissance churches in its trefil front facade. All this makes the Cathedral worth seeing and experiencing it in all its beauty. Sadly, the Cathedral suffered damages in World War II and later in the Croatian War of Independence. The reconstructions, however, have been true to the original techniques and surely the experience of the Cathedral is the same as it was in the past, making it the most important architectural monument of the Renaissance in the country. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000.

The Cathedral of St. James has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000.

The Cathedral of St. James

The Cathedral of St. James (Source: inyourpocket.com)


Dubrava Falconry Center

If you want to taste the wilderness and if you’re a bird lover, you’ll want to visit the Dubrava Falconry Center. It’s located in the pine forest of Šibenik Dubrava which is just 8 kilometers away from the city center. There you can learn more about falcons, watch their gorgeous flight and learn more about their habits and their behaviour. The center also serves as a station for birds in need of help. The tickets are a little less than 6€ for adults and about 4,5€ for children.

Falconry Center Dubrava

A photo of a falcon from the Falconry Center Dubrava (source: sokolarskicentar.com)


St. Michael’s Fortress

High on the hill stands the mesmerizing St. Michael’s Fortress. In the past it served as the main point of the city’s fortification system. It offers a beautiful view of Šibenik and islands surrounding it. In 2014 a big open-air summer stage was built on the top of the fortress making it a great place for summer festivals and concerts.

St. Michales Fortress during a music concert

St. Michales Fortress during a music concert (source: croatia.hr)


Mediterranean Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful garden was forgotten for a hundred years and restored recently, in 2007. It’s a part of the St. Lawrence Monastery and it’s definitely a go-to place for all tourists seeking a couple of quiet and peaceful moments. A water source is located in the center of the garden and it’s surrounded by medicinal and spicy Mediterranean herbs. You can go for a walk around the garden or you can relax in a café with outdoor seating on a garden-side patio.

A photo of Mediterranean Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence

Mediterranean Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence (source: inyourpocket.com)


Festivals to visit while in Šibenik

Many festivals are held in Šibenik all throughout the year, but summer offers the best of festivals.

Our service provides you with transfers to all events and festivals in Šibenik so there’s no need to worry about transportation! Your only job is to have the time of your life! Here are some festivals to visit while in Šibenik:

Seasplash festival

Seasplash Festival offers 4 days of music on a number of stages, genres varying from reggae, dub to dancehall, ska and other electronic music. If you want to see why so many people come back to Seasplash every year, be sure to visit it next time! One day’s ticket costs 20€, weekend tickets go for 35€ and tickets for the whole festival cost 50€.

Seasplash Festival wallpaper

Seasplash Festival wallpaper (Source: seasplash-festival.com)


Outlook festival

Enjoy the mesmerizing sounds of dubstep, reggae, hip-hop, house and other popular genres with the Outlook Festival! Outlook festival got and award from the UK Festival Awards, which serves as a great reason for you to visit it and have fun with people all over the world!

Dimensions festival

One of the most popular electro-festivals in this part of Europe is waiting for you to finally visit! UK Festival Award serves as a proof of quality of the Dimensions Festival, so what more do you need? Be sure to book your tickets for the 2020 festival and make your summer unforgettable! The tickets cost from 33€ for one day to 115€ for the whole festival.

Dimensions Festival Logo

Dimensions Festival Logo (source: labin.com)



Split Airport is the closest major airport to Šibenik. It’s only 58km away from the center of Šibenik, so if you’re flight lands in Split, you’ll arrive in Šibenik in about 40 minutes by car or bus. If you’re coming from Zadar, it will take you one hour to arrive in Šibenik. If you’re travelling from Zagreb to Zadar by car, you’ll travel for 3 hours and 20 minutes on the motorway. The easiest way to reach Šibenik from other parts of Europe is by plane, landing in Split. You’ll arrive in Šibenik in no time and have the time of your life!

Private transfer to Šibenik

The best way to get from Zadar to Šibenik or from Split to Šibenik is with a private transfer.

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Zadar – Šibenik Taxi Transfer:

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