Šibenik’s St. Nicholas fortress finally opened to the public


26th June 2019

After being closed for two years due to renovation, Šibenik’s St. Nicholas fortress is finally opened to the public. More than 600.000 € has been invested in the reconstruction of the fortress, which is in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. One of the best-preserved fortresses along the Croatian coast is now accessible to tourists via organised boat tours.

St. Nicholas fortress is in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list as part of “Venetian Works of Defence between 15th and 17th centuries.

The town of Šibenik has a fortification system consisting of four fortresses:

  • St. Nicholas Fortress (Tvrđava Sv. Nikole)
  • St. Michael’s Fortress (Tvrđava Sv. Mihovila)
  • St. John’s Fortress (Tvrđava Sv. Ivana)
  • Barone Fortress (Tvrđava Barone)

St. Nicholas Fortress is at sea, at the entrance to the Šibenik port, and the remaining three are on land. 

“Fortress can only be reached by boat from Šibenik. From mid-June to mid-October this year, the boat will depart from Šibenik according to its pre-arranged schedule, and make the journey back and forth four to five times per day.

This all-encompassing experience of Šibenik and its wider area, including a boat ride through the Sv. Ante channel and the visit the fortress St. Nicholas lasts about two hours. Tickets are 130 kuna per piece (for adults), and can be purchased at the point of sale on the Šibenik riva (waterfront) or online” – Total Croatia News wrote on their website.


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